About us

The Marina Stella nautical-tourist complex is the brainchild of a local family with a long history of love for the river.

A long love story for the river
  • The garaging and mooring activity was born in 1986 in an early Friulian nautical reality, along the Stella river with the benefit of fresh water.
An avant-garde shipyard
  • Right from the outset, the shipyard has been oriented towards becoming a qualified centre for the assistance of boats up to 100 tons, while the dock represents a safe landing place far from the negative effects of the sea and the salt water.
The expansion of facilities and services
  • Year after year, the two realities expand and become more specialised: the dock becomes more and more like a wellness centre where tranquillity and a family environment make even the most recent arrivals feel at home; the shipyard is able to carry out any type of work on the boat and anything else necessary to satisfy the customer's every need.