The Shipyard

for the storage, refitting and repairs of vessels up to 100 tons.

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The Shipyard Marina Stella is an established refitting and service center, with big spaces, 10,000 square meters covered an 30,000 square meters uncovered, it has a travel lift for 30 and 100 tons, two 60 and 100 ton trailers, a forklift for loading and unloading engines, masting and dismasting.
2,400 square meters of heated warehouses with exhaust systems have been made:
for painting work, specific osmosis treatments, fiberglass repair and construction; joinery, caulting, hull repairs, refitting and construction of vessels with the experience of experts and carpenters, as well as teak decks and construction of furniture by skilled craftsmen. For any mechanical work, electronics, plants, steel and aluminum works right through to upholstery, awnings and sails, there are craftsmen with extensive experience coordinated by the boat yard.

Marina Stella strengths are the professionalism and expertise of the staff, quality of the service, security and privacy. In addition, much attention is paid to conservation and environmental protection issues.